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Avenger Battle Cruiser by The-Electromage Avenger Battle Cruiser by The-Electromage
Original “Kannlan class Destroyer” by “Admiral Kruger” [link]

Modified by me for a “Rifts” RPG game, the modified version is called the “Bravo Type” it’s a universal hull that can be easily modified to suit any mission, that is, the base design can be changed for different roles before the ship is built, once built for a certain mission, it can’t be altered without a major refit.


Avengers of the fallen.

By the beginning of 195CE the space battle was beginning to turn in the alliances favour, when suddenly the Separatists changed tactics, no longer would their ships that had been damaged in battle run away and repair their systems to return and fight another day, they had realized that there weren’t many days left, and so damaged Separatist ships begun ramming the biggest alliance ship they could find on the field. To make sure this stoped the cruiser class design was upgraded; by late 195CE the 1st ship of the “Avenger” class Battle Cruisers entered service, with more armour, more powerful weapons, and carrying 3 squadrons of fighters & several other craft, the end result was a powerful war ship that could stop anything (shy of a battleship) dead in it tracks, with the entry of the Avengers into the conflict the space war was all but over.
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